A faulty wiring system in a home is a fire that is waiting to happen. For this reason, it is important that you hire a highly qualified and experienced electrician. Wiring is a vast and interdependent network and needs to be done with precision. Even circuits that appear safe but are poorly designed can cause damage to electric equipment and appliance motors. This is due to the fact that they can deliver the wrong amount of amperage. These electrical problems may sometimes affect your lighting in your home. The decision to hire a qualified and experienced electrician can possibly save you from these problems while avoiding safety hazards as well.

Here are a few tips to help you in a quality electrician who is right for you:

Check Their Education
The main categories of electrical training and education are Residential electricians, commercial electricians, Master Electricians and Journey electricians. Commercial electricians usually work on ongoing construction sites and perform the installation work for businesses and commercial projects.

On the other hand, residential electricians are responsible for the installation, maintenance and upgrades of electrical equipment in houses and apartments.

Typically, the master electrician has taken and passed the standardized test and possesses a minimum of two years of experience. He or she is also up to date with the National electrical code and is well qualified to design, plan, install and also maintain the electrical system.

The journeyman electrician does not have a master’s license, but is licensed by the state. Reputable companies usually provide training for their employees to ensure that they stay current.

Confirm Appropriate Electrical Licensing & Insurance
Ensure that the electrician or contractor has a license and check to see that it is current. Overloaded circuits, poor wiring connections, broken safety elements and inadequate grounding are common problems that may arise due to bad workmanship. Protect yourself by verifying the electrician’s insurance including the worker’s compensation coverage and general liability.

Get a Written Quote
Before you actually hire the electrician, ensure that you both agree on a written quote and not just a rough estimate. This quote needs to include all the details concerning the job, actual prices and the payment schedule that clearly outlines the deposit and payment calendar. The schedule will help to avoid any misunderstandings that may occur down the line. Also compare the quote with the other electricians or electrical companies in your area to ensure that you are getting a reasonable price.

Request a List of References of Past Customers
First, ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations. If they have previously used the services of a particular electrician and were satisfied, chances are that you also will be. Based on the previous work, find out about the quality of their work. Go through previous reviews on the Internet to clearly confirm that the electrician has done high quality work to projects that are similar to yours. While getting the recommendations and reviews, check also for punctuality and reliability.

Consolidate the Electrician Visits.
When hiring an electrician, try to have him or her fix as many problems as possible all at one visit. Usually, an electrical contractor or electrician charges for each visit they make to your home. By consolidating all the needed repairs and inspections in a single visit, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money.

Consider Their Area of Specialty
Companies usually specialize in different fields and it is therefore important that you hire the right company for your job. For instance, if you only need to have switches and outlets replaced, then you will not need to hire commercial electricians who specialize in wiring large buildings.

Verify Who will Actually be Doing the Job.
Ask the electrician if he or she will be doing the work by themselves or if they have any apprentices or helpers, or even subcontractors. If he or she has apprentices or helpers,make sure that they will be supervised by a licensed electrician. If they plan on using a subcontractor, ensure that their insurance will also cover you in case of emergency during the job.

Ask the electrician about his or her warranty.
Good electricians and contractors usually offer a labor and parts warranty to clearly show that they are confident about work and are willing to stand behind it.

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